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Apple released updates watchOS, tvOS and macOS

In addition to new devices, October 30, 2018, Apple also released updates for watchOS, macOS and tvOS. Previously they were available only for developers.

Apple released updates watchOS, tvOS and macOSRelease obnovene took place almost simultaneously with iOS 12.1. Most interesting from the point of view of users was watchOS 5.1, in which there were 70 new features, the announcement of which was held in the summer of 2018. In addition, the function of automatic emergency calls in the fall (it is triggered if the wearer is not moving …


Apple has closed the online store before the presentation

As usual, Apple has closed its online store ahead of today’s event, which will be held in the Opera house the Howard Gilman in new York. It is expected that the company will introduce updated iPad Pro, Mac computers and more.

Apple has closed the online store before the presentation

In the invitation to the presentation Apple used 371 creative version of their logo and the caption: “There’s more in creation.”

Many analysts suggest that the company from Cupertino will unveil two new iPads Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch version with a Face ID, …


The 5 most worthy Chinese rivals for iPhone. Xiaomi and Huawei vs X, XS and XS Max

Paul Gorodnitsky – the Asian imitators and copycats who in 2018 really approached the level of the flagships from Cupertino.

Xiaomi Mi 8

Four years ago, jony Ive disdainfully called Xiaomi thieves. The Chinese are not offended, I explained to the designer what he’s wrong. Moreover, bosses, Mi-Brenda even invited the British to fiddle with phones Xiaomi to seen in their company did not copy Apple, but only inspired by the geniuses from Cupertino.

It is clear that since then passed …


How to enable an ECG for any Apple Watch Series 4

One of the innovations of the Apple Watch Series 4 is a feature of the electrocardiogram using a number of built-in sensors. But since this feature requires approval from the health authorities, initially it will only be available to users in the United States.

How to enable an ECG for any Apple Watch Series 4

This restriction does not apply to hardware, and if you buy the Apple Watch Series 4 in any country, it includes new sensors. Considering the code in iOS that is associated with the function of an EKG, we were able to confirm …


In iOS 12 found a picture of a new iPad Pro

On 30 October, Apple will introduce upgraded iPad Pro. However, its appearance is no longer a mystery. Journalists 9to5Mac found iOS 12 the icon of the new tablet.

In iOS 12 found a picture of a new iPad ProIt will be the biggest redesign of the iPad since its release in 2010. Icon found in iOS, confirms rumors that the tablet will lose the Home button, will get the rounded corners and the camera system TrueDepth to Face ID.

The interesting aspect is how large the frame around the screen compared to the iPhone X. This may be due …


Released major update of jailbreak for iOS 11

Hacker Pwn20wnd have updated their utility to jailbreak unc0ver to version 1.1.0. This is the biggest update since the release poluprovodnika jailbreak for iOS 11.

Released major update of jailbreak for iOS 11According to the official list of the changes the hacker made a number of corrections to improve the process of hacking, including:

  • Automatic selection of the best exploit depending on the situation.
  • Improved error messages displaying the incorrect code.
  • Improvements to memory management.
  • Code optimization to

Top 5 games for Halloween on iOS

Halloween — a modern holiday that is rooted in the traditions of ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland, is celebrated every year on 31 October, the eve of all saints Day. Halloween is traditionally celebrated in English, but every year the festival is gaining momentum and we have. In this article we have collected 5 games, horror stories for your iOS gadgets.

Top 5 games for Halloween on iOS

Into the Dead 2

What happens when you cross genres runner, a first person shooter and zombie survival — all right, get Into …


If you wanted to replace the battery on the iPhone, it’s time to do it

Two months left before the expiration of the preferential programme for replacement of the battery on the iPhone. Apple has provided a discount on the repair after being accused of understating the performance of iPhone.

If you wanted to replace the battery on the iPhone, it's time to do itAt the end of 2017, Apple admitted that limit the peak speed of the processor on older smartphones. The company claims that this is to prevent unexpected shutdown due to battery wear. This explanation is not for everyone. Users began to sue the company, and Italy fined …


What changes will appear in future versions of Telegram

Telegram is going to release a major update of messenger on all platforms. Thanks to the information support of the messenger provided in the tweet and beta versions of the app, you know what to expect from future versions.

Client for macOS

What changes will appear in future versions of TelegramIn the latest beta version of Telegram for Mac OS came the ability to send folders with files. However, the archive is to create not have, because the Telegram itself, pack the files before sending.

Updated web version

Support messenger called the …