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Apple rethinks photos in iOS 10

As if Apple tried to distribute the Photos among Mac users, it still does not enjoy the popularity that you want. Yes, on iOS same application opens almost every day, but there’s just no decent alternatives. But...


How to solve the “1970 Problem” with iOS 9.3

If you suddenly became a victim of the “1970 Problem”, like many iPhone users worldwide, we have good news: a new beta version of iOS 9.3 fixes bug that turns smartphone or tablet into a “brick” when...


Apple may introduce Siri for OS X at WWDC 2016

Voice assistant Siri, a long time existed as a dubious “features” of iOS, we felt the most unassuming interlocutors. Robotic pronunciation coupled with limited functionality still does not allow her to become a really useful assistant. Maybe...


Apple has updated its Smart Keyboard

IPad Pro owners who use the tablet with the case-keyboard Smart Keyboard from Apple, has recently discovered the availability of a software upgrade to the accessory. Apple has released an update, which the company said on the...