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Much does it cost to hack an iPhone?

Suddenly missing from the front pages of news publications, a series of the hot rumors about the development of the case of San Bernardino continues to acquire new details. Today on the agenda – the price of...


[VIDEOS] Full review of iOS 9.3

Seven beta versions of iOS 9.3 later received the official approval of the management of the company from Cupertino and the iPhone and iPad in eager rivalry rushed to take their seats in queues at the download...


What should I do if I work Night Shift on iOS 9.3?

With the release of iOS 9.3 yesterday to iOS devices is now available Night Shift, which automatically changes the “temperature” of your screen depending on the daily changes. It is even possible to activate the detection of...


How to set up Family sharing in iOS 8

One of the key innovations in iOS 8 “Family sharing” that allows you to share with family and household on the web, including purchases from iTunes, iBooks and App Store. No, it is not about so-called “shared”...


It’s time to finalize Family sharing in iCloud

iOS is very convenient. It has features not available on other mobile operating systems, and brighten the lives of the owners of Apple devices. For example, Family access. This feature allows you to share apps, music, photos...


10 features we want to see in iOS 10

If Apple will remain faithful to the traditions, following company presentation will be devoted to software updates and operating systems including iOS. Today we do not even guess about what new features will appear in the next...