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DJ Khaled adverted Apple HomePod

DJ Khaled and Apple have joined forces and released a joint promotional video. The musician was able to present his new single, and the Corporation is to remind the audience about the possibilities of a smart column...


On sale covers for the new iPhone

A Reddit user noticed the store Wallmart protective cases for iPhone with the diagonal of the display of 6.1 and 6.5 inches. In a large American retail network there cases company Speck for a 6.1-inch model (presumably...


Apple Music got a cosmetic upgrade

Now the information about the works of an artist is divided into categories, easier to read than before. Earlier albums the musicians had no division, be it the main album or single. Now on the main artist...


Happy birthday, iPod nano

7 Sep 2005, Steve jobs introduced the iPod nano. On this day, exactly 13 years ago, the founder of Apple announced the smallest player in the company. “iPod nano is the biggest revolution since the first iPod,”...