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Bug or feature? Apple iOS 9.3 deprives Pencil mode stylus

Releasing the first beta version of iOS 9.3, Apple significantly added functionality to their mobile devices. However, another finding discovered by enthusiasts, looks less positive, and relates to truncated capabilities of the iPad Pro, which refuses to...


Apple отчиталась перед инвесторами: время новых рекордов!

Минувшей ночью состоялась очередная телефонная конференция, где глава Apple Тим Кук и финансовый директор компании Лука Маэстри озвучили результаты Apple за первый финансовый квартал 2016 года, который включает в себя последние три месяца прошлого года. По традиции...


Than can boast iPad Pro 2?

Despite the widespread opinion about the hopelessness of the iPad Pro, to argue that this is the coolest and powerful “tablet”, I think that there will be no one. No matter how you treated the first professional...


Why the iPad Pro 2 will come in 2016

During the September presentation, Apple just introduced the iPad Pro was named a completely different device, other than the usual “Apple” tablets, professional level. With a huge 13-inch display with a resolution of 3K, and heavy duty...