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Why Apple should make a 5.5-inch iPhone

The current concept of Apple for the simultaneous development of two flagship models of the iPhone looks quite promising and gives the most positive feelings. Is always weight wanting to buy a particular version, however, the analyst...


As an iPhone “kill” sales of the iPad

Sales of tablet computers, quite a significant part of which is the iPad, leave much to be desired. Causes of stagnation of the market a lot and all true, but Apple believe that this question played a...


Photo case for iPad Air 3 says a lot about

Recently colleagues from 9to5Mac, citing its own sources, reported that the iPad Air 3 will be presented at the presentation of Apple in March of this year. Received some assumptions about possible changes in the novelty, but...


Bug or feature? Apple iOS 9.3 deprives Pencil mode stylus

Releasing the first beta version of iOS 9.3, Apple significantly added functionality to their mobile devices. However, another finding discovered by enthusiasts, looks less positive, and relates to truncated capabilities of the iPad Pro, which refuses to...


Apple отчиталась перед инвесторами: время новых рекордов!

Минувшей ночью состоялась очередная телефонная конференция, где глава Apple Тим Кук и финансовый директор компании Лука Маэстри озвучили результаты Apple за первый финансовый квартал 2016 года, который включает в себя последние три месяца прошлого года. По традиции...