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Apple made a mistake with her new app

Apple always carefully monitors its applications and services. The company continuously maintains the usage statistics of the programs that keeps track of the smallest changes — in General, controls everything as it should be. However, with one...


Apple Music “kills” other music services

Solvent audience Apple Music continues to evolve, and incredibly rapidly. Back in October last year issued a subscription of 6.5 million people, and in just a few months, the number has increased to unimaginable level. As stated...


Opinion: Apple will fix the problem in 2016

I think many of you will agree with the popular opinion that the last few years have been far better for Apple. And the question now is not about financial success – now the guys from Cupertino...


Helpful hint when using App Store

From time to time we are faced with a situation where a particular page on the App store in iOS fails to boot to either the number of updates for programs is not displayed correctly. Primarily, this...