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Why is the a10 processor will remain dual-core

Year Apple improves its a-series processors, increasing performance and reducing power consumption. But while competitors continue to increase the number of cores and megahertz, engineers “fruit” companies still ignore this trend. But why? It turns out that...


A full review of the Apple iPad Pro

So, here we are ready to tell you about the biggest at the moment, the tablet of Apple. If at first glance it seemed like something quite strange and unusual, then after some time spent with the...


iPad Pro in Russia: not “flew”?

Last week in Russia started official sales of the iPad Pro in the online Apple store, the tablet can be purchased from 64 990 rubles for a younger version of 32 GB Wi-Fi. It would seem that...


The iPhone era is over in five years?

It’s no secret that technology is constantly evolving, and replaced one of the other devices come. But there are few who dare to put forward the time frame in this matter. However, a top Manager of Huawei...


Why Tim cook idealizes iPad and forget about Mac

In light of recent events Apple continues to try to revive consumer interest in the iPad lineup. Tim cook himself attaches much more importance to tablet PCs of the company, calling the flagship Pro version full replacement...