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iOS against iOS 8.4 9.2: who is faster?

Judging by the hype around the release of each new version of the mobile operating system from Apple, very few people missed the release of iOS 9.2 last week. According to Cupertino, the update was intended to...


Premium accessories Draco Design for iPhone 5s and 5

Premium accessories Draco Design for iPhone 5/5s http://AppleInsider.ru | http://VK.com/AppleInsider Only for Apple’s smartphone buyer can find such an abundance of different covers – ranging from simple and cheap to “luxury” accessories that cost sometimes approaching the...


[VIDEO] 2 weeks with the iPhone 6s Plus

Move on new smart phones is not always easy. For example, moving from iPhone 5/5s 6/6 Plus for many was difficult a serious change in weight and size characteristics. It seems that when adding the letter S...