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Why the 4-inch iPhone 6c will not become popular

Much anticipated by many fans of the iPhone 6c with a screen of 4 inches can prove to be extremely unpopular device. This assumption is expressed by analysts Piper Jaffray. According to “predictors”, expect a truly excessive...


Premium accessories Draco Design for iPhone 5s and 5

Premium accessories Draco Design for iPhone 5/5s http://AppleInsider.ru | http://VK.com/AppleInsider Only for Apple’s smartphone buyer can find such an abundance of different covers – ranging from simple and cheap to “luxury” accessories that cost sometimes approaching the...


Analysis of the iPad Pro from iFixit in Russian

No sooner had the brand new iPad Pro to go on sale, as our colleagues from iFixit has managed to disassemble it and thoroughly document this process. So, what is inside professional tablet from Apple? Clearing the...