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The iPhone battery SE: less is better

Again let’s talk about SE iPhone — the smartphone that many of you probably want to purchase. We know that the smartphone will work as good as the iPhone 6s, with the same hardware. Probably it will...


[VIDEOS] Full review Apple iPhone SE

Just yesterday, 31 March, launched the first wave of sales of the compact of news from Cupertino, and that we already hold in our hands a brand new iPhone SE, for that special thank you to our...


Apple could not solve one of the problems of iOS 9.3

Yesterday Apple released iOS update 9.3.1, which (finally!) fixed the bug with opening links in Safari and other applications. But, apparently, the engineers from Cupertino were so engaged in this issue that I forgot about other important...


Happy birthday, favorite company!

Forty years ago, on 1 April 1976, two friends from California joked that the legend about this joke go so far. Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak founded the company under the strange name of “Apple computer”, which...


Another way to protect your photos

I’m sure many have been in situations, when the iPhone was in the hands of third parties, and quite curious, which can slip from the owner to send yourself a personal image (for example, one of the...


Inside the iPhone SE: old meets new

iPhone SE outwardly so much like 5s, that the ordinary people on the street simply could not notice this trick, when under the guise of news we slipped them the machine three years ago. But, as has...