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Jailbreak for Apple TV: latest news

Fans dig in the bowels of operating systems in my time and have not received a jailbreak for third generation Apple TV, but this time the situation may still be broken. And indeed, thanks to the remarkably...


5 annoying features of the iPhone

iPhone continues to gain market share, iOS and the popularity is growing very enviable pace, no matter what. But even the smartphone, called by many “first among equals” has a number of annoying features, which we will...


Hide icons and folders in iOS 9 without jailbreak

Many users of iOS devices are faced with the need if not to remove a particular application (e.g. the default), then at least hide it from prying eyes. Of course, the installation of the jailbreak solves many...


For hacking iOS paid a million dollars

Most hackers generally hack iOS “for themselves” and do not pursue material objectives (this is already taken care of in other ways). But sometimes there is a large customer who wishes to pay for information about the...


Apple has banned the “rollback” to iOS 9.1

Yesterday, Apple did what many feared — the company stopped signing all versions of iOS 9.0.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Thus, the company closed the only “window” that could help users roll out iOS iOS...


VLC is coming soon to Apple TV29 review

Rethought Apple TV 4th generation, despite some limitations, turned out to be incredibly interesting. In the background stands the new operating system tvOS and a specialized App store. Thanks to the latter, users will have access to...