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A stress test of our Mac fans: how and why

For your computer very important not to overheat. The CPU temperature greatly affects its performance and efficiency. To maintain optimum temperature helps the cooling system and fans. In some cases, they can fail. If you can’t see...


[iOS] Learn keyboard shortcuts on the iPad

Operating system iOS 9 has brought not only correct past mistakes but also lots of exciting features for all supported devices. Some of these “modest” options are at first sight imperceptible, which, however, does not affect their...


How to create contact groups on iPhone

We know that the iPhone has the ability to add some contacts to the favorites section to get to them the fastest possible access. However, we can also create a contacts list of the ad hoc group...


The coolest way to listen to music on your Mac

Mac users like to listen to music. No matter, Spotify, Apple Music or using audio recordings of Vkontakte (AI-Yai-Yai). Most often for playback using iTunes, however, many do not hesitate to install third-party players. But did you...


Useful life hack for Twitter on OS X

In the new versions of Twitter for OS X automatically played videos and gifs that appear in your feed. This is often inconvenient (especially at work), and, fortunately, there is a way to disable AutoPlay. To do...