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A place where die iPhone

Did you know about the existence of round-the-clock protected plant in Hong Kong, fenced from the outside world, the walls of which die and are recycled popular Apple smartphones? Several such plants around the world, and for...


[Poll] Should hack the Apple iPhone?

Apple’s case against the Federal Bureau of investigation, which has already become unique in the past few years, it’s getting interesting. According to the court, the company had to make a decision about breaking iPhone arrow from...


How to open ZIP files on iOS in the app Notes

Our iPhone in Safari and other iOS browsers can not work with ZIP-archives. Colleagues from iDownloadBlog, to his own surprise, found that the archives is able to work a standard Notes application, which is regularly improved unbeknownst...


Why do we need all these products from Apple

Remember the presentation of the first iPad. In 2010, when Steve jobs showed the device from the scene, many were surprised and did not understand why all this is happening. However, Steve jobs has managed entirely brilliantly...