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Apple started to reduce staff

When the rate of production has slowed and sales are deteriorating, efficient company in this situation usually is not a very popular move, namely to reduce staff. It seems that in such a situation was now our...


How rare to change Apple equipment

Recently, Apple published a statistics-based information, which many took as a guide from the company and started to actively discuss. Apple believes that by purchasing her products for the first time, customers will be able to use...


In 2017, the iPhone can be like Galaxy S7

If you look at old film look and not the clothes of the characters, you will notice that fashion and style is cyclical. In 2010 Apple showed us incredibly beautiful the iPhone 4’s glass body with steel...


Samsung to supply OLED displays for new iPhone

In spite of tough competition, cooperation between Apple and Samsung continues. According to the newspaper Korean Herald, Samsung and Apple have signed a deal worth to 2.59 billion dollars, under which the Korean manufacturer is expected to...