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The company will die

A phrase we often hear from the “haters” of the Apple. Quoted here for the reason that even “haters” are not willing to go to the Apple Store for shopping. But there is another problem. Almost no...


iPhone sets new records

While analysts predict that Apple might and main, to put it mildly, not the brightest future, the company once again proves them what to do in this “guessing” is not worth it. What gave Apple Corporation at...


“Chinese iPhone”: Apple’s time to think

Looks like the Apple the new iPhone as much as loyal users of Apple gadgets. A new report from the expert company Canalys disappointing: in just six months Apple has lost its position in China, losing to...


The iPhone era is over in five years?

It’s no secret that technology is constantly evolving, and replaced one of the other devices come. But there are few who dare to put forward the time frame in this matter. However, a top Manager of Huawei...


Apple fans have proven their loyalty

One of the most important assets of Apple is the brand loyalty which have always shown the owners of its products. Recently fans of the company once again confirmed that I would not change it, the gadgets...