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DJ Khaled adverted Apple HomePod

DJ Khaled and Apple have joined forces and released a joint promotional video. The musician was able to present his new single, and the Corporation is to remind the audience about the possibilities of a smart column...


Apple has released beta 4 Shortcuts

Release Shortcuts to take place in September, but Apple continues to add new features. In the new version, Apple has finally launched the sync created by processes on other devices. Now you do not have to recreate...


The concept truly useful Siri

Apple before anyone realized the need for a voice assistant in the smartphone. The first version of Siri was released in 2011, but since the assistant has not undergone major changes. Concept designer Kevin Eugene fixes old...


AirPort Express got AirPlay support 2

Apple has released an important update for the router, which is no longer sold. Tim cook the company has prepared the present gift for all owners of AirPort Express base station. Now you can control it from...


What’s new in beta 2 Siri Shortcuts

Apple released the second beta of app Shortcuts, adding several new features. First, you can create processes that are running in the background. That is, if earlier, when sending a message using Shortcuts to always open the...