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How Siri may appear in our Mac

Conversations with the iPhone and iPad have long ago become commonplace to discussions with Apple TV are already starting to get used to American users, and it would be logical to ask the question: what next? The...


[Video] Learn how to kiss with Apple TV

Recently Apple delights us with creative and interesting advertisements, which, though not put in one row with the landmark “1984”, but praise is still possible. This time in the attention of advertisers is once again the Apple...


Apple may introduce Siri for OS X at WWDC 2016

Voice assistant Siri, a long time existed as a dubious “features” of iOS, we felt the most unassuming interlocutors. Robotic pronunciation coupled with limited functionality still does not allow her to become a really useful assistant. Maybe...


[VIDEO] Everything we know about iPhone 5se

If you believe the rumors, already on 15 March, Apple will hold a presentation, the main intrigue of which will be the new budget iPhone model. Although the phrase “budget iPhone” in the current circumstances provokes laughter...