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Apple was fined 13 billion euros

“Member States of the EU are unable to provide tax relief to specific companies as this violates the rules of mutual assistance with member States of the European Union”, said in Brussels member of the Antitrust of...


How popular 9.7 inch iPad Pro?

Despite the fact that the iPad never sought to take the place of the iPhone and overtake it in popularity, jealous of the position of the “tablets” from Cupertino didn’t had already in 2014. According to official...


Apple abandons the Apple Store

Despite the fact that with the arrival of Tim cook, the ideals of Apple has undergone some transformations, drastic change of course until now not been observed. The maximum permissible limit, which, in the opinion of many,...


iOS 10 will be available September 13

The presentation of the new iPhone Tim cook announced the official release date iOS 10 — it will be available to all users on September 13. Before Apple released the beta to developers, public beta participants of...


One of the useful features in iOS 10

IOS 10 a variety of useful functions (according to the head of Apple Tim cook — a record number), but not all can be seen even after a few days using the device with the latest version...


The games brought Apple to a new record

To surprise fans and to surpass itself – this is what Apple does best. Another record established branded app store yesterday evening, said Tim cook on the personal page in Twitter. In the last weeks, the success...