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Testing the new Apple TV has already begun

Apple TV fourth generation became a hit and strongest breakthrough in the development of television. However, according to the latest reports, Cupertino is not complacent and is already actively testing a new version of the console, sales...


Android users are actively moving to iOS

The iPhone family of the year continues to demonstrate the success of a record on the market, however, a recent study showed that to thank for that Tim cook should not only loyal Apple fans. It turned...


Fortune: Apple will buy Tesla Motors in 2016

Rumors about a possible development by Apple’s own electric cars are slowly but surely continue to take more solid ground. However, according to analysts of the edition Fortune, Cupertino will be not under force to cope with...


Why Tim cook idealizes iPad and forget about Mac

In light of recent events Apple continues to try to revive consumer interest in the iPad lineup. Tim cook himself attaches much more importance to tablet PCs of the company, calling the flagship Pro version full replacement...