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In Instagram on iOS, you can now repost. No, it’s not ReGram

You can repost your entries only in accounts controlled personally. The update will be useful to companies, opinion leaders and anyone who manages multiple advertising platforms. Now the new feature is only available on iOS.

In Instagram on iOS, you can now repost. No, it's not ReGram

The innovation will save time of those who lead each campaign in several profiles. All you need to do to post is to select the desired account when you create a record. A company representative confirmed to journalists of the publication TechCrunch that the feature …


The results of the 2018. Died iPhone Plus, but it is not a pity

Paul Gorodnitsky – the iPhone, with which we say goodbye forever.

Remember September 2014. Tim cook brought to the stage iPhone 6 Plus have listed their specifications announced the price, and then immediately ran into a hatred of nostalgic critics. “Yes, of course, so why should this issue! Jobs did say that the smartphone should fit in one hand, and the shovel there will not fit! What is this a parody of Android?” — questions and complaints was full but delight even more. …


What’s wrong with the podcasts in the “Yandex.Music”

Podcasts have become one of the main trends in Russia this year. “Yandex” has decided not to lag behind and launched its platform podcasts on the basis of “Yandex.Music.” That’s what happened.

What's wrong with the podcasts in the "Yandex.Music"

The problems begin with the title. For some strange reason, the section of the podcast called “Remusica”. A very obscure name, which does not reflect the essence of this section. “Nemuseli” can be called anything other than the music itself. If “Yandex” called Podcasts and it would be a much …


“VKontakte” registered in Instagram

Domestic social network was long ignored and even Instagram has launched a competitor that failed. Then came the day when “Vkontakte” registered in Instagram.

"VKontakte" registered in Instagram

At the time of publication account @vk numbered less than a thousand subscribers and one photograph of the headquarters of “Vkontakte” in Saint-Petersburg.

"VKontakte" registered in Instagram

The press service of “Vkontakte” confirmed vc.ru that this profile belongs to a social network, but why is it needed, the company did not explain.

“Exploring the …


In Telegram updated the format of the surveys

Telegram presented an updated interface surveys, which have new functions. At first glance it cannot be distinguished from the usual format of voting.

In Telegram updated the format of the surveys

Innovation has affected anonymous surveys on a mobile platform-the service of instant messaging of Telegram. Now the vote can be sent from one chat to another, which allows the Creator and other participants in the conversation to broaden its audience and make the survey even more ambitious. In addition, the message from the survey could …


Died Creator of the Vine’s Colin Kroll

The founder of the service for sharing short videos, Vine’s Colin Kroll died at age 35 from a drug overdose. This publication reports TechCrunch.

Died Creator of the Vine's Colin Kroll

Vine founder and CEO HQ Trivia Colic Kroll was found dead in his apartment in new York. According to the journalists, the cause of death was an overdose of drugs. Kroll was 34 years old.

According to the publication TMZ, the apartment had traces of cocaine and heroin. According to police, Kroll is likely to mix these two drugs that caused …


In Moscow, arrested the Creator of the system bypass blocking of “Vkontakte”

In Moscow, the operational authorities detained Fedor Vlasov, who, according to news Agency Regnum, is the Creator of the system, bypass blocking of “Vkontakte” in Ukraine.

In Moscow, arrested the Creator of the system bypass blocking of "Vkontakte"

Information about the arrest Vlasov confirmed in the group of users of a mobile app Kate Mobile in “Vkontakte”. He is suspected of wrongdoing. The arrest of the developer occurred November 1, 2018, but became aware of it only after three and a half weeks.

November 1, our esteemed Fedor Vlasov was arrested. …


Users “Vkontakte” will be able to get cashback about purchases offline

“VKontakte” launched the option of cashback, which you can get while shopping in stores using the payment system Pay VK. About it writes Kommersant with reference to the press service of the social network.

Users "Vkontakte" will be able to get cashback about purchases offline

The option will be available to users of the system Pay VK November 23, 2018. According to the information of Kommersant, now the cashback can be obtained not only when making purchases in online stores but also offline. New service received the name “Checkback”.

Network cafe …


The Mooseman: the Best of Russian indie game

Every year in the App Store there are more apps from Russian developers, but not many of them are able to arouse interest of a wide audience outside the former Soviet Union. That is why the Mooseman or “Closeclose” became our newsroom a real revelation.

The Mooseman: the Best of Russian indie game

The project was implemented under the leadership of the Perm developer Vladimir Beletsky. The creators of the game wanted as much as possible aesthetically pleasing and exciting to visualize the myths and fairy tales of indigenous …


“VKontakte” allowed users to download all data about your profile

Social network “Vkontakte” launched in test mode tool, which allows you to download all the data about the activity page. A similar function is available to residents of Europe, as “Vkontakte” follows the rules of the GDPR.

"VKontakte" allowed users to download all data about your profile

To download all the information on your profile, it is necessary to open a special page dedicated to the protection of personal data. Then you need to go to the end of the page, where it will appear the button “Request archive”. Then you need to decide what data …