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[OS X] Delete files without the Recycle bin

File deletion is a simple operation that we face every day. By default, the objects are moved to the recycle Bin, a special folder, from which it can be easily restored, but when a large amount of...


Best task Manager version AppleInsider.ru

When you have a cool team and lots of diverse tasks, rely exclusively on their memory simply stupid — if you forget even one small detail, under threat may be the existence of the project. It is...


iPhone is losing popularity in Russia

While worldwide iPhone captures individual markets, retail the Russian smartphone still gives competitors. If you believe the report of analysts of “Euroset”, the share of iPhone in Russia dropped to the lowest level in a long time....


The company will die

A phrase we often hear from the “haters” of the Apple. Quoted here for the reason that even “haters” are not willing to go to the Apple Store for shopping. But there is another problem. Almost no...