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Users complain of bugs Siri in iOS 12

Users of Twitter and Reddit reported that they had encountered problems Siri on iOS 12 Beta 2. Assistant refuses to respond. After activating Siri, nothing happens. The assistant tries to respond to the phrase, but for unknown...

IOS 12 beta 2 0

IOS 12 beta 2

Apple released the second test firmware iOS 12: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This firmware is intended for registered developers. However, it is for everyone. Earlier we wrote about how to do it. So far, no visible...


Mac it’s time to upgrade.

Almost all series of Apple computers required upgrading. So consider not only fans of gadgets, but developers who started writing angry posts in their blogs. Developer Rogue Amoeba Sortware Quentin, Carnicelli left in the blog message, in...