Telegram launched games based on HTML5 inside messenger

In Telegram messenger users became available to individual gaming platform. The statement was published in the official company blog of Pavel Durov.

Telegram launched games based on HTML5 inside messenger

The developers of the popular messenger launched the platform for games based on HTML5. As noted in the release, soon users will have access to hundreds of games, but right now the app supports about 30. To run enough to chat with the bot @gamee or mention it in chat with another person. To try out the new feature, you need to install on your device the latest version of Telegram, which is already available on Android and will soon appear in the App Store.

The main feature of the games Telegram is the competition element. For each of the chats, you can maintain separate rating, which will be updated periodically and send it in a chat notification about the change of leadership. Company representatives noted that to create and load your game any developer with a special API.

Telegram launched games based on HTML5 inside messenger

To run the games in Telegram users will not need to separately download and install them. Game based on HTML5 technology, will be opened separately, like ordinary web pages.

“While the demo looks pretty simple, this platform can be used for anything — from usual arcade games and puzzlers to multiplayer shooters. Due to the underlying HTML5 games are downloaded the same way as regular websites,” said the developers.

According to the creators of the messenger, yet available to users of Telegram games look fairly simple, but the capabilities of the platform allow you to run a variety of games, including 3D shooters and strategy with the regime of real time.

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