Than Apple laugh Microsoft CEO?

Than Apple laugh Microsoft CEO?

Don’t know about you, but I’m getting really scared, when the world-famous Corporation loses its status as an innovator, gaining in return a position of catch-up. The most interesting thing about this is that track a cherished moment that marks the beginning of the end, it is often practically impossible. Because it usually is not about the systematic UPS and downs in the offseason, and inconspicuous-looking a series of failures, leading former legend nowhere. For Apple this failure may be the iPad Pro.

With the corresponding statement was made by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke about the possible fate of Apple in an interview with the Australian Financial Review. According to him, all attempts of the company to catch up and stand out ageing products look pathetic and ridiculous at the same time. “Three years ago the prospects of the device in the format of “two-in-one” has been questioned. Then no one heard of them didn’t. And now even our competitors have decided that (hybrids – approx. this is not a combined fridge and toaster, and is a separate product,” — said the CEO.

Nadella touched on a moment four years ago when Tim cook during a conference call hybrid device a hybrid of a toaster with a refrigerator, denying the desire of Apple to release something similar. But, despite the promises of the head, in 2015 – right on cue – comes the first iPad Pro 13 inches, Apple without false modesty, chose to christen the full computer. “Why buy a PC if you have an iPad Pro?” — asks the cook, ignoring the hybrid nature of the product. Perhaps, to answer this question, not even himself.

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