The Apple TV appeared links

The Apple TV appeared links

Are there apps for Apple TV fourth generation? Yes, there are, and they deserve attention. But up to this point was not easy to draw on, it’s the most attention. The fact that it is only now that developers have the opportunity to give a link to its app for Apple TV. Thanks to the update to iTunes Link Maker.

When we tell about some interesting application for iOS, the first thing to ask is to link. It was simply impossible to do in the case of applications for Apple TV. More all suffer from it developers. They had to give users step by step instructions that included the following steps:

  • Open the App Store on Apple TV
  • Type in the search the name of the app
  • To install the app

Apps that are only available for owners of the fourth-generation Apple TV, you can find through special links. Universal apps like Twitter, which are available on both iOS and tvOS will have universal link. In the App Store you will be able to see whether the TV-version. If you have fourth-generation Apple TV, turn on their console automatic installation of the app, and everything will become much easier.

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