The Creator of the iPod: “I lost a prototype iPhone at the airport”

The Creator of the iPod: "I lost a prototype iPhone at the airport"

In honor of the birthday of the iPhone January 9, spoke not only of the current top managers of Apple, but former employees of the company — in particular, the former senior Director for development and release of the iPod Tony Fadell, who is known as the “godfather of the iPod”. He told how advanced the development of iPhone and how the human factor is nearly cost him his job at Apple.

In an interview with the BBC, Fadell told the story of how he traveled with the prototype iPhone… and lost him at the airport. Because Steve jobs was threatened with dismissal anyone who will circulate any leaks about the smartphone, Tony immediately began to search for the missing. He was attracted to the search airport security, but could not explain what they need to look for. Two hours later, the iPhone prototype was found.

I looked and looked and thought what will happen if someone finds out about this. Go through every possible scenario. But it turned out that the iPhone fell out of my pocket and fell between the seats!

At the same time Apple was working on a prototype Mac with a touch screen. Jobs wanted to equip the computers of the company. as soon as I saw the iPhone, but in the end the idea came to life only in the iPad.

Fadell also talked about his heated dispute with Steve. If jobs was convinced that the iPhone should work without a stylus, Tony held the other point of view. When the Creator of the iPod understood that jobs in a fit of anger are about to “rip his head off,” he conceded. And, as it turned out, not in vain.

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