The defense Ministry will turn off the GPS with the cell towers

The new system jamming, adopting, is to protect Russian strategic facilities. The newest jammer is installed on cell towers and integrated with the transmitting antennas of a radio station, combined into a single network covering the entire dome area.


The defense Ministry will turn off the GPS with the cell towers

The Russian defense Ministry has adopted a system of jamming “Box-21”. According to plans, the development will protect the strategic facilities of Russia from cruise missiles, guided bombs and drones that are used for navigation and targeting satellite system GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou.

The development presented “Scientific and technical center of radio-electronic struggle.” The Ministry reported that the work on the project is underway.


“The field-21” is installed on the cell towers of the radio station R-340РП, United in one network covering whole areas of the “dome” that is impervious to signal satellite navigation. It is noted that all four satellite navigation system, which needs to be silenced “Box-21” use frequency within the interval from 1176,45 to 1575,42 MHz.

The defense Ministry will turn off the GPS with the cell towers

The radio station R-340РП are mounted directly on the cell tower, which ensures maximum coverage of the territory. It is noteworthy that “three-hundred-and-fortieth” of the product is not only receive power from the electric grid towers, but uses its receiving and transmitting antenna of the GSM format as a backup control channel and data transmission


The shortcomings of the product is indicated that “it creates interference for the enemy, and for domestic consumers.”

In Roskomnadzor and “Beeline” have refused comments. In MTS said that about a similar project they know nothing. In addition to the operators, cell towers have the infrastructure operators. In Russia, the three largest companies of this market: the “Russian towers”, “link development” and “Vertical”. The representatives of these companies declined to comment.

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