“The era of Apple is over”: the harsh truth or a political move?

"The era of Apple is over": the harsh truth or a political move?

For all time of existence of the Apple who not only predicted the company’s imminent collapse — from small analysts to prominent American politicians. But when it says the billionaire and one of the most famous investors in Silicon valley, it makes you wonder, what made him take this step.

Peter Thiel is a pretty interesting person. He founded PayPal, was one of the first major investors in Facebook and preach the ideas of bitcoin. And in an interview with The New York Times stated the following:

The era of Apple is over. We know how the smartphone looks like and what he can do. No, it is not the fault of Tim cook, it’s just one area where no major innovations.

Obviously, Thiel disingenuous when he talks about lack of innovation in smartphones in the future, and Sam Cooke argues that “all the cool stuff is yet to come”. What made the investor to speak about Apple in such an unflattering shape?

It is not excluded that the reason is not technological, but political. Peter was the only major businessman from Silicon valley, who openly endorsed Donald trump when he ran for President of the United States. At the same time cook even after winning trump in the election did not hide his discontent, but what to say, just look at his face at the meeting with trump, Til and other leaders of the IT industry.

"The era of Apple is over": the harsh truth or a political move?

Donald trump, Peter Thiel and Tim cook

Thiel, meanwhile, has entered into administration elected American President and will develop the technology on his team. Will there be a place to cook — it is unclear.

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