The expert commented on the situation with seized by US government panels for Mac

Repair specialist iPhone and Mac Louis Rossman commented on your YouTube channel, the situation is seized by U.S. government panels to repair Apple computers.

The expert commented on the situation with seized by US government panels for Mac

In September, customs and border protection, U.S. (CBP) seized 20 battery for MacBook on the way from China to the parts shop Rossman in new York. According to the owner, it was produced laptop batteries that are no longer serviced by Apple. The damage caused to the businessman, estimated to be approximately $ 1,000.

In his video Rossman accused the company of collusion with the SVR. According to the expert, he is not able to import the battery as it is beneficial to Apple, who subsequently will take the seized goods to himself.

The battery was withdrawn on 6 September, however, notice the businessman received only at the beginning of October.

“The property contains markings which are not distinctive, therefore, are fake,” the letter reads.

This is not the first such incident. In may 2018 CBP seized from human rights activist Jesse Jones screens for iPhone in the amount of $ 1727. And in 2013 the Agency conducted a RAID at the independent repair shops in South Florida and seized the goods on 300 thousand dollars. Similar situations occur in Europe.

According to the publication MotherBoard, Louis Rossman is the best known independent retailers of spare parts by Apple worldwide. In his YouTube videos he talks about how independently to repair the device. At the time of writing the news, his video message looked approximately 650 thousand people.

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