The FBI can’t crack the iPhone 5s and newer models

The FBI can't crack the iPhone 5s and newer models

How to unlock iPhone proposed FBI hackers Cellebrite, can not be used to crack the iPhone 5s and newer models, said the Director of the office of James Komi. In his words, a software “tool”, which has been used by intelligence agencies, is unique and was designed for the needs of specific operations. In short, Apple customers can sleep peacefully.

“I know enough about the people who shared with us the method of the decryption of the iPhone, said Komi. – I’m sure they will be able to comply with all necessary security measures to preserve its secrecy. I have no reason not to trust them and suspect in the mercenary purposes. Their interests fully coincide with ours”.

The San Bernardino, involuntary participants of which was Apple and the entire world community, including large IT Corporation, started in the beginning of this year. Then the FBI in conjunction with the U.S. Department of justice filed a formal request to Apple to provide iPhone encrypted on terrorist information.

Followed by cupertinos failure was the cause of the litigation terminated as a result of the initiative of the authorities. According to official data, the FBI managed to get their hands on a way to crack password protected smartphone. The prospective contractor is an Israeli startup Cellebrite involved in forensic excavation of the encrypted data.

Currently Apple are conducting an independent investigation of this case. According to data provided by the programmers of the company, Cupertino is on the verge to uncover so guarded by the authorities way of hacking. The FBI, in turn, took a wait and see attitude, refusing to give Apple information about discovered vulnerabilities.

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