The FBI hides from Apple and its customers

The FBI hides from Apple and its customers

News about successful hacking iPhone terrorist from San Bernardino with the expected rapidity shattered by news agencies around the world, leaving a sugary trail of vagueness. And if remarkable abilities of hackers from Cellebrite amenable to even the slightest explanation, incredible stealth power structures leads to certain reflections.


Rastirazhirovannaya contrary opinion (it is possible that with the light hand of the FBI), no details and more facts confirming the success of the operation, not at the moment. All we can rely on, is only fair(?) the word of the US Department of justice, which may well be preserving the face of power structures course.

Ovchinka not worth the candle?

According to official information, the experts of the FBI in conjunction with the Cellebrite hackers were able to destroy created over the years with Apple’s security system. Perhaps this is true, but in this case a reasonable question arises: was it worth it? Was obtained by “hackers” information is so valuable to contrive to get one of the most loud and grandiose trials of recent years? Moreover, the terrorist with his accomplice could advance to attend to their own safety, removing any valuable law enforcement information.

Long live our court!

Perhaps few people believe in the existence of a truly secure system of data encryption, not subject to unauthorized access. And FBI experts know it better than others. In the end, postojala training and failed at first, the search for outstanding hackers are unlikely to justify special services started the trial. Why fight when you can negotiate? Even with Cellebrite.

There are consequences?

The apparent seriousness of the situation cannot but affect the image of Apple as a company, giving great importance to the security of its customers. And if anyone not known previously, hackers were able to crack a multi-layered system of protection, why wouldn’t they do it again?

The question is closed?

After a successful(?) hacking the iPhone in the U.S. Department of justice, the decision was made for an immediate waiver of all claims against Apple Inc. Does this mean that the issue sank into Oblivion and it will not raise again? Not at all. The main thing – to find again the hackers are able to bypass the existing system Apple obstacles in the form of ciphers and software locks.

P. S. don’t you think that the FBI could access iPhone and without assistance, hiring Cellebrite for their own cover?

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