The FBI paid the hacker for hacking the iPhone

The FBI paid the hacker for hacking the iPhone

Although we were almost completely sure that the iPhone 5c is the so-called “California arrow” was hacked by company Cellebrite at the request of the FBI, are recent reports that in fact it was not. According to the Washington Post, U.S. intelligence agencies paid an unnamed group of computer hackers of a certain amount for the development of the exploit that helped to unlock the phone terrorist Rizvan Sayed Farouk.

The hackers managed to find some vulnerability that allowed to create a hardware device that is able to bypass the iPhone password and gain access to its contents. What exactly is this vulnerability and reported about its existence from Apple, the sources are not reported.

It is known that this group of hackers is one of the so-called “Grachev” (grayhats) — hackers who discover vulnerabilities and sell them to corporations and government Agency. There are also “witchety” (whitehats) — the hackers who publish information about security holes, and “blackey” (blackhats) — hackers are using the vulnerabilities discovered for their own purposes.

Neither Cellebrite nor the FBI these messages are not commented on. Meanwhile, it is unlikely that the intelligence agencies would publicly admit that allocate taxpayers ‘ money for financing of cybercriminals, even if acting in the interests of the investigation.

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