The head of MTS mobile services will become free in the near future

Cellular communications in the near future it will be free for users, said the head of MTS Andrey Dubovskov. Operators will earn due to partnerships with other companies or advertising.

The head of MTS mobile services will become free in the near future

“I think that in the future, in the medium term, we [the operators] should not take money from customers. We don’t have to live on the money that the customer must pay for the satisfaction of their communicative needs. It and mobile communication, streaming, anything. Everything we give him, must be free”, — said the President of MTS Andrey Dubovskov, speaking on 31 may at the conference “Telecom-2016”.

When a customer has money in his pocket, he dropped something always pays, in particular 1-1,5% of salary for mobile services, explained Dubovskov told reporters. “In principle, we are ashamed to take from him these 1-1,5% of the salary. Sooner or later he will not pay us,” — said the President of MTS.

According to him, the market is seriously transformed, and now operators could earn by partners or advertisers. “The theme of modern Telecom development are the level at which we natural stage of our transformation we see not a partnership, and when we become those with whom you have pateritsa”, — said the head of the company.

The head of MTS mobile services will become free in the near future

“We all earn the wages of our clients. And people will just spend money and give their part to us,” he added.

Vice-President of MTS marketing Vasil Latsanich in conversation with journalists has led the business model of Internet companies. “What Google earns, giving their basic service for free? In this case, on advertising and additional services. This is an example, but not necessarily the model,” he said.

Beeline now offers subscribers a similar product: 200 MB of free traffic per month for tablets, said the representative of the company Anna Aybasheva. “We see the future in selling to corporate customers services, tied to the operators knowledge about the customer, in particular rtb advertising. With the successful development of the basic services can be free,” she said.

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