The new smartphone is strikingly similar to the iPhone 611 review

The new smartphone is strikingly similar to the iPhone 611 review


iPhone is the product truly iconic. The start of sales of the new version of the smartphone from Apple is accompanied by huge queues and certainly beats last year’s records. The popularity of iPhone is so great, that resting on its laurels even competitors. And it is not only the Chinese with outright fakes, but even such world-renowned manufacturers like HTC.

Last night Pacific time the Network leaked images of another unannounced smartphone from the Taiwanese company HTC. High-quality photos of the model A9 became available to a wider audience thanks to the user @OnLeaks. The device is strikingly similar to the iPhone 6 or 6s.

The images we see is a replica, designed to help operators with the appearance of smartphone. Nevertheless, even preliminary photos we can say about the copying the design. Unibody metal housing with rounded edges, a plastic antenna inserts on the top and bottom and even the external speaker holes on the bottom screams the borrowing of ideas.


Very strange action on the part of HTC. As practice shows, the Taiwanese manufacturer prefers to show the world its own experience in the field of hardware solutions in the field of design. However, it is not quite fair to blame HTC for plagiarism. Model One (M7) had a similar conformation and the same sharing the building with plastic strips. However, some atypical features to note it is still possible.

The new smartphone is strikingly similar to the iPhone 611 review

BoomSound stereo speakers located on the front panel, are gone. To replace them came “the loudspeaker”, similar to one in iPhone 6, which is based on the bottom. There is also a 3.5 mm headphone Jack and a USB port. In addition, the fingerprint scanner now placed under the screen, which indirectly recalls a solution from Apple.


The specifications of new products still remain unknown. It is expected that the device will not be a flagship, and will serve as a typical representative of an average price category. In turn, the low cost of the device will be caused not the most advanced technological solutions. Details we know after the 20th of October – on the date of the scheduled presentation.

By taking such a rash step, HTC takes a lot of risks. After all, for a company with such a great name this is simply unacceptable. As a rule, the design turns out to be a stumbling block for most competing companies, without unnecessary studies are a proven way of copying the iPhone.

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