The OLED display in the iPhone: is it real?

The OLED display in the iPhone: is it real?

Apple is continually improving the iPhone’s display, and one of the latest technologies used in Cupertino for its smartphones, became Retina HD. Of course, the next step may be the introduction of OLED displays, as they are of high color reproduction and picture quality. Is it possible to see something similar next year?

OLED displays are much more difficult to manufacture than LCD screens, so their cost is slightly higher. However, it’s not even that, with the introduction of new technology the iPhone can rise, and production capacities of the companies that produce these displays.

Earlier it was reported that the main partner of Apple in this field was the company Samsung, but the South Korean giant is unlikely to fully satisfy the demand: all Samsung need to provide their own displays smartphones (Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge), so with Apple it is logical to find more suppliers.

If you believe Bloomberg, they are (already three), but even joint efforts will be able to produce enough OLED displays. Orders Apple tens of millions of versions, and so many possible to ship only by mid-2018.

So if the new iPhone will not be OLED-display, don’t blame just Apple.

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