The popularity of Apple Pay is soaring

The popularity of Apple Pay is soaring

Customers of the company are increasingly choosing Apple Pay as a priority payment method, follows from the report by research firm TXN Solutions. Monthly growth of transactions through the service, in 2016, 50% compared to last year’s results. A significant impact on the prevalence of the service has had an increase in the number of partner banks, as well as a significant reduction of sales of the iPhone without a built-in NFC module.

Despite the existence of the web version of Apple Pay, the vast majority of transactions still occur in physical pavilions. Service clients prefer this method of payment because of its convenience and lack of need to “Shine” card or cash in plain sight. The most common purchases among users of the service products and household chemicals. To pay using Apple Pay for the more expensive goods the customers are afraid because of residual distrust.

As of January 2017 service used by millions of people in 13 countries, says Jennifer Bailey, project Manager of Apple Pay. The ability to pay with iPhone or Apple Watch are provided in most of the retail pavilions on the territory of the United States. At the same time, according to statistics, in Russia with the methods of contactless payment via NFC is compatible only every third terminal.

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