The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be one great big advantage over the iPhone 8

In the autumn of this year will be the announcement of a new anniversary flagship iPhone 8 and Samsung is preparing to meet it head-on. Along with the new high-end smartphone Apple will release a smartphone Galaxy Note 8, which will receive a number of unique features.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be one great big advantage over the iPhone 8

According to Korean Herald, the new Galaxy Note 8 will be equipped with dual camera, similar to that used in the iPhone 7 Plus. Thus, according to the calculations of insiders, South Korean smartphone will be one major advantage of having a 13-megapixel lens, in addition to the 12 megapixel sensor. In addition to the 3 × optical zoom with optical image stabilization, the device will be able to shoot with both cameras at the same time. Allegedly, this will be one of the key innovations of “killer iPhone 8”.

The source says that dual camera Galaxy Note 8 will take off much better than the camera of iPhone 7 Plus and the quality and possibilities of photography will be roughly comparable with the iPhone’s camera with an OLED display, which will be released this fall.


Messages about dual camera Galaxy Note 8 looks quite reasonable, especially considering the fact that Samsung initially considered the possibility of a double core module in Galaxy S8, at least in the older model – this is confirmed and published in April photos of the prototype Galaxy S8+ dual camera.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be one great big advantage over the iPhone 8

System dual camera in Galaxy S8 required the use of more sophisticated hardware, which would lead to an inevitable increase in the cost of the device. It is believed that this forced the Koreans to abandon the idea of dual-camera in Galaxy S8, but in the case of the Galaxy Note, the company remains more room to maneuver. In addition, a dual camera may in the future may become one of the distinctive features of the line Galaxy Note and effective way to separate the future from the Galaxy Note 8 is similar in size to the Galaxy S8 and S8+.


According to preliminary data, the Galaxy Note 8 will receive a 6.3-inch screen Super AMOLED QHD resolution, Snapdragon or Exynos 835 8895 depending on the sales region, and the fingerprint scanner will be embedded under the glass of the front panel, and are likely to remain at the rear.

According to the Hong Kong research firm Counterpoint, in China in the first quarter of the best-selling smartphones in the premium class model with dual camera, including the iPhone 7 Plus, Vivo Xplay 6, Huawei Mate Mate 9 and 9 Pro.

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