The video showed two old and ugly prototype iOS

Before to show the world a new product, Apple is testing several prototypes. And from the list of devices selects the one which best manifest themselves. So often, the Network appears contradictory information about upcoming new products “Apple” giant.

The video showed two old and ugly prototype iOS

When in 2007 was presented the first iPhone, the world saw its unique touch interface with application icons. But such a structure in Cupertino did not come immediately. On the interface for the smartphone Apple worked for two different teams. The P1 prototype with touch wheel was developed by the “father of the iPod” Tony Vadella, and the prototype P2 — Scott Portallos. Option Portella eventually was elected as the basis for a future iPhone.

As you can see, the operating system interface P1 runs faster, but navigating the menus iPhone is a virtual wheel like the iPod. Half of the screen gave the Click Wheel, and the second identical player control menu. In 2006, Apple even patented a similar UI and UX, which confirms the seriousness of the company in those years.

In the interface P2 on a white background there are only three huge buttons call history, SMS and Other. The last point leads to a new menu with access to settings, music and network.

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