Theft of user data Facebook can hurt Instagram

Facebook owns Instagram. This little fact has become a big problem once it became known that the hackers got the data at least 50 million users of Facebook. This was announced by the publication Mashable.


Theft of user data Facebook can hurt Instagram

The fact that in Instagram, you can register using the account Facebook. And if Facebook were used as a login, the hackers can access to your profile in Instagram. Moreover, this issue concerns each service, where Facebook is listed as one of the authorization methods.

It is unknown whether the attackers custom tokens to remotely log on to other sites. A representative from Facebook confirmed that it is technically possible, but the company has no evidence to support this assumption.


September 25, hackers stole the data of 50 million users of Facebook. They used a security hole in the function “View as”, which is used to look at the side profile of an outsider user.

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