This is the worst that could happen with the new Apple TV

This is the worst that could happen with the new Apple TV

Apple TV new generation surpasses its predecessors in everything, ranging from hardware to software capabilities. But there is all this technical magnificence is one small but very annoying thing.

This “re-imagined” remote control. Despite its innovativeness, it looks much more bulky and crowded controls compared with those that were supplied with the consoles of previous generations. Before it looked like this:

This is the worst that could happen with the new Apple TV

Now it looks like this:

This is the worst that could happen with the new Apple TV

New bullets has six buttons, whereas the old versions were just three, including a combined navigation ring. Probably devoted fans of the Apple TV 4 will object, noting that the new generation of consoles, the more the number buttons on the remote control to fully realize her abilities. But, I think, hardly you will argue, if I notice that the keys “Home” and “Menu” that have approximately similar tasks, it is possible to combine into one. One click – call menu. Double – back to the desktop, hold – sleep mode.

The call button Siri could also be subject to some change. In particular, supplied to the domestic market version of the console without the support of the voice assistant has absolutely no need of separately submitted to her control. Eventually, nothing prevents to add to the panel the constant activity, thanks to which the user’s voice is recognized according to the standard phrase “Hey, Siri!”.

Other keys that represent the standard set, I have no complaints. But there’s a small matter. Why was it necessary to reinvent the wheel and use the mesh principle of placing buttons on the remote control, when there is a great ring Click Wheel that was once used in the iPods? It would be unlike the better and suggests some reflections on the continuity of being.

And how do you like the touchpad? It looks great, but, unfortunately, subjected to frequent breakdown because of the positioning of the console as “consumables” which can fall under the fifth point of a family member, falling behind the sofa or simply break. Besides, his sizing leaves much to be desired. If you have ever had to log into Apple TV under your name, I think you will understand me. Disgustingly excessive sensitivity seriously affects the service experience and the speed of the character set. Unlike the iPad and iPhone, where inertial scrolling looks really great, there are thoughts about taking place the hack developers and the desire to save on the apparent plastic touchpad.

P. S. I’m not talking about a stripped-down version for the Russian market with a number of restrictions in the form of streaming services of English-speaking and deaf to the statements on the great and powerful assistant.

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