Tim cook found a way to increase their “salary”

Tim cook found a way to increase their "salary"

It seems that Tim cook decided not to accept the fact that he has reduced salaries because of the failure of the plan to achieve a certain level of profit to Apple. As it became known late last week, Apple CEO earned another $ 3.6 million to his reward. How?

The CEO of the company sold 30 thousand shares in Apple at $ 120, and collected a total $ 3.6 million, writes MacRumors. Along with wages, which amounted to 8.7 million dollars for 2016 Tim cook earned 12.3 million dollars.

At the moment, at the disposal of the head of the company more than a million shares of Apple, which at the exchange rate on January 20 was worth about 121 million dollars. He got the opportunity to implement them after five years of working as a General Director of the Corporation.

The true reasons for the sale of shares in cook unknown, but analysts have already started to build their assumptions. Some said that Tim is not enough cash, others that he wants to donate the money to charity.

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