Tim cook said all he thinks about “camel case” case

Tim cook said all he thinks about "camel case" case

Apple not long ago entertained all the way at the beginning of this week. Appeared case Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6s has caused many disputes. Not everyone understands why the company let it out, and, of course, the appearance of the case could not pass unnoticed. The appearance of this accessory has spawned a lot of jokes and accusations towards Apple, and the company probably could have predicted this result, but still it has issued a case. What was she guided?

Tim cook discussed the new accessory with Mashable, and, according to Apple CEO, we misunderstand the purpose of the case. We need to buy and hide it until, until it really becomes necessary, and even then its appearance will bother us much less. Tim cook said that it is not necessary for those who has the opportunity every day to charge my iPhone, but it is useful in the day when you will not be able to come home in the evening, and will be in the journey.

Apple CEO also noted that the new case is very easy to remove and put on, unlike many others, and this is an achievement Apple engineers. While cook said he would not be called the protruding portion of the case “hump”, but a more appropriate name for it is also not suggested.

Tim cook said all he thinks about "camel case" case

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