Tim cook salary cut for failing to plan sales

Tim cook salary cut for failing to plan sales

Investors Of Apple Inc. took the decision to reduce salaries CEO Tim cook 15% from last year. The relevant information over the weekend shared edition of the WSJ. According to confirmed reports, the reason for this was an obvious problem with the implementation of branded products and, consequently, another drop in operating profit.

For the first time in 7 years in Cupertino are unable to achieve their goals for the year. No new iPhone 7 in the color “black onyx”, no dual camera iPhone 7 Plus, neither water resistant new Apple Watch are unable to provide the company with financial growth. This development is particularly controversial against the background of frequent changes in personnel and multi-billion dollar costs Apple to researching.

Consider, however, that the company finally lost its position, and its leader’s grasp, still very naive, predict analysts at Cowen & Co. According to experts, Apple Inc. can experience significant growth in the coming year. For this she would have to strain every sinew, presenting several revolutionary products. One of them will be the anniversary of the iPhone, whose features and appearance should outdo everything that will be able to produce competitors of the company.

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