Tinkoff Bank has released an Android app “Tinkoff mortgage”

Mobile app available for download to users of Android-devices, which are partners or customers of the mortgage program of the Bank. About it reported in a press release, Tinkoff Bank.Tinkoff Bank has released an Android app "Tinkoff mortgage"

According to the press service of the Bank, now the borrowers can apply for a mortgage loan right from your smartphone. A similar opportunity came for realtors, employees of building companies and brokers: through a mobile application “Tinkoff mortgage” they can create applications for their clients on a mortgage, calculating the cost of services on the built-in program calculator.

The application is simplified. To enter the program will be using a fingerprint, but in order to enter your passport information and other important documents, simply photograph them and upload to the personal account inside “Tinkoff Mortgage”. Info from the mobile app will instantly sync to the web version Tinkoff Bank. The maximum term of consideration of the application in the mobile application will not exceed two days.

Now to get approval for a mortgage not only sitting at the computer, but anywhere — even in the subway or in line at the supermarket. Care of a mortgage deal completely takes over Tinkoff Bank and the realtors, was in the mobile app Tinkoff mortgage. The execution of all documents takes place online, the customer need to come to the partner Bank only once to sign the contract and to complete the transaction.

As for the “Tinkoff Mortgage” for iOS devices, the release is planned before the end of 2018.

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