Update Apple Watch turns the watch into a “brick”

Update Apple Watch turns the watch into a "brick"

Just a couple of days ago Apple released the operating system update for its watches, but some users are faced with a serious problem. It looks like another blunder by Apple in the past year.

C problem faced by users are mostly Apple Watch Series 2, and it consists in the fact that when the update clock no longer anything to react and turn into the so-called “brick”. To solve the problem only allows to reboot the device using a special diagnostic port, and it can not even employees of Apple retail stores. It turns out that to restore the device it will have to return to Apple.

Of course, a trouble faced only a subset of users, but given that the company withdrew the update, it’s a big enough part. The reasons for the emergence of the problem is unknown, but some users managed to recover the hours by restarting the device while holding down the side button and the Digital Crown.

And you are experiencing problems with the Apple Watch after the software update? Please share your answers in the comments.

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