USB stick cost 50 Euro is for the second “kill” almost any PC

Startup from Hong Kong started selling the “flash killer”. Kill USB 2.0 will be out MacBook, PC, Windows, or other device that has a USB port.


USB stick cost 50 Euro is for the second "kill" almost any PC

Is it possible to bring the Mac down, just for a moment connecting it to a small device in the form of a USB drive? It appears possible, if this device is USB 2.0 Kill. “Flash-killer” went on sale for € 50.

The device operates as follows: it contains a capacitor, which when connected to the USB port of your computer (and also laptop, TV and any other device) charges very quickly, and then promptly returns via the data communication bus port, the DC discharge voltage was 200 V. the second is executed several cycles of charge-discharge, and the user does not have time to understand why computer or other device stopped working.


USB stick cost 50 Euro is for the second "kill" almost any PC

According to the creators of Kill USB in 95% of cases this is enough to have been subjected to this attack, the device ceased to give life signs. Of tested their equipment the only exception was the MacBook of the last generation, which, apparently, the USB bus is protected from such influences from the outside.

The developers warn that the created USB Kill only for good purposes, namely to identify the vulnerabilities of “hardware”. Consequently, the responsibility for the consequences of use of the device not on purpose, they are not.


For those who want to test USB 2.0 Kill, without damaging the computer, is available for an additional € 14 to buy Kill the USB Tester, which performs the role of a shield.

The first batch of dangerous drives and dismantled in a matter of days. A new batch will go on sale September 14. The product does not sell to minors, all responsibility for the use of the buyer.

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