User experience the iPhone 5s after a month of using the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Undoubtedly, every OS has its advantages and disadvantages, and the debate about the pros and cons of iOS do not cease from the moment of its appearance. Users cross swords in disputes, which of the platforms ahead in convenience and innovation. On the Android side – large number of variety of models for every taste and budget. Only Samsung, HTC and LG this year demonstrated a good products that can compete with the iPhone. And that’s not to mention the other smaller companies, which together put pressure on Apple by the quantity rather than the quality of the phone. In this regard, many, even the most loyal fans on iOS, I want to experience new sensations to try a smartphone on Android.

User experience the iPhone 5s after a month of using the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The correspondent iXbt was chosen as the new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which he switched from the iPhone 5s. For a long time he used “Apple” smartphone, and then looked in the direction of the South Korean flagship. His impressions of the Galaxy S7 edge, he shared a month after the use of the device.


  • Great battery, works from morning till evening.
  • A good display. A fantastic resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, after the screen Galaxy to other phones even not want to watch.
  • Decent camera. The phone takes wonderful pictures. (an example of a snapshot on Galaxy S7 Edge)
  • Water resistant. Well, there is also no comment.


  • Home button eventually scratched. I used that on the iPhone it is sapphire crystal and scratch it is impossible from a word “absolutely”. Here we see a very different picture: after a month of use the button is covered only visible in bright light scratches. In addition, on the lower rim of the button is clogged with dust, that, according to Samsung employees are “on the all black models.”
  • The phone is constantly “smeared”. Without the cover on the rear glass panel Galaxy is scary to watch after half an hour of active use. With a display this is not observed (probably the oleophobic coating still “works”).
  • Low build quality. It is possible that this lack of specifically my phone. but the appeal to the service for display replacement in just a few days use is too much. The reason for seeking the gap in the top left corner near the buttons. It is worth noting that in the official Samsung service centre at metro station “University” with no problems changed the display module, recognizing the defect of the marriage. In the store, “WOW!” to change the device refused, but this story deserves a separate post.

As a former iPhone 5s users, the author calls Galaxy S7 Edge “is quite a sturdy smartphone that can switch from “Apple”. But “love” this machine, he said, and did not work.

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