[VIDEO] Everything we know about the iPad Air 3

[VIDEO] Everything we know about the iPad Air 3


If you believe the rumors, March 21, Tim cook will take the stage to play the next presentation of the Apple. Perhaps the hottest novelty will become iPad Air third generation, which we waited at the end of last year, but still did not wait. In this article we have collected everything we know about the third iteration of the “air” tablet from Cupertino to understand whether or not to start saving money.

Actually, the information about the tablet yet so little that it makes one doubt whether he actually submitted this month. Even in the possible name of the new items is clear: some sources call it the iPad Air 3, others insist on there that will show us the 9-inch version of the iPad Pro, eliminating Air from the line lineup of tablets.


[VIDEO] Everything we know about the iPad Air 3

If the latest information proves to be true, then it makes sense to expect that the tablet will inherit the professional model, the lion’s share of components: А9Х processor, and 4 gigabytes of RAM, and a system of four speakers, and the Smart port Connector, support for Apple and Pencil. However, some sources claim that the rear camera of the new iPad though will remain the same 8-megapixel iSight camera, at the same time, will get led flash. This will make the iPad Air 3 is the first tablet equipped with a camera flash, and the streets appear even more strange personalities, photographing and filming video on the iPad.

[VIDEO] Everything we know about the iPad Air 3


According to Engadget, through the expansion of scheme 3 iPad Air, the new tablet will retain the same dimensions that the second generation Air, adding only a fraction of the millimeter in width and thickness. The increase in width can be associated with the appearance of four speakers, and that’s why the new iPad was thicker than the predecessor, even slightly, raises questions. It is possible that the novelty will be equipped with a screen with a 3D Touch, the dissemination of which tablets, of course, only a matter of time. While we can say one thing: cases for iPad Air 2, most likely, and is suitable for iPad Air 3, unless, of course, will not close dynamics. Speaking of covers: bloggers have already circulated photos of the iPad Air 3, which confirms the presence and flash and speaker iPad Pro.

[VIDEO] Everything we know about the iPad Air 3

As for the screen, then the providers of the rumors say that the novelty will be equipped with a display with 4K resolution at 2334 3112 pixels. The iPad Air 2 screen resolution is 2048 on 1536 pixels, so this upgrade is impossible not to notice. The only question that arises in this situation: why would the tablet need a screen? However, if the new iPad will really be a smaller version of the Pro model with a powerful capacity to generate content, then all questions disappear.

[VIDEO] Everything we know about the iPad Air 3

Since the release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Apple has significantly improved the Touch ID interface, making it faster, there are huge chances that the new iPad will be Apple’s first tablet equipped with Touch ID second generation. If you have already decided to try his luck on the sweepstakes, I advise you to put more money that the third iPad Air will get a body colour “rose gold”. Apple has always loved to harmonize their lineups, and there is no reason not to do so this time.

Judging by the picture emerging, a new 9-inch iPad, as he was called, has all chances to become the most desired tablet of 2016. It is unlikely that the price of the tablet will undergo some changes, and most likely, we will have to wait the usual triad: 499, 599 and 699 dollars for models with 16, 64 and 128 GB respectively.

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