#Video: How to quickly delete all mail on iPhone


Active iCloud mail users often wonder how to delete all mail from the mailbox in one click with the iPhone. Not surprising, since letters often occupy hundreds of megabytes and a few gigabytes in cloud storage. But not everything in iOS is so obvious as it seems at first glance: it is often necessary to experiment to discover a particular function.

Interesting way to remove all mail with the iPhone placed on the portal Litmus, we have brought the reader Kostya ANNIKOV. To delete all mail out of your Inbox, open the appropriate folder, then click “Change”. Then select “Litter.all the” — “As read” and go back to incoming emails.


Click “Edit” again, select the top message in the box. With one finger press and hold “Move.”, and with another finger, clear the selection from the top of the message. Then release the button “Move.”

#Video: How to quickly delete all mail on iPhone #Video: How to quickly delete all mail on iPhone

Opens a pop-up window in which you will be able to send at once to cart all your posts. And in the cart select the “Remove all”, the benefit of such a button is there. In total we have removed hundreds of emails in just 10 seconds! You can remove a few thousand, but will have to wait a bit.


#Video: How to quickly delete all mail on iPhone #Video: How to quickly delete all mail on iPhone

Similarly, you can delete messages from your Outbox, if there is such a need, and from any box in the standard Mail app, whether Yandex, Gmail or other. Judging by algorithm of action, a way more like a bug than a special function iOS. And Yes, if you need certain letters in the box, it is better not to tempt fate and not to remove all letters from it. Take care of your place in iCloud and not abuse it with unnecessary emails!

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